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Handmade Souvenir from the Philippines, Davao
Hand Made Crochet Inspired Accessories

You can see my product displays at:
- Davao Yleo SPA MTS 2nd Floor, Davao City
- Villaviva Belgica, Luzviminda Village, Maa, Davao City

DG accessories will be Inspired with Models, Models that will give Inspiration. Bernadeth is a young woman who will pursue her dreams no matter what. Her inspiration is her Family. She wasn't able to finish School, but they won't hold her back. Hard work and Dedication will get her far. She is a woman with passion.❤

Her Message: "I as a person experienced a lot of bullying since I was young because I'm so skinny and not so pretty back then, I become so insecure about myself that I try so hard to be pretty and all but time goes by I realized that every person has it's own beauty, to begin with, we are all beautiful with our flaws, and I believe Skinny, Chubby, Fat, Dark and white we deserve to feel beautiful and I believe that everyone deserves to wear anything they want even though your rich or poor."

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